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Stainless Steel Surface
Date:2018-04-12 10:10:18

No.1 Surface

Processing type: hot rolled, annealed, deoxidized

State characteristics: rough, matte

Main contents: hot rolled to the specified thickness, and then annealed to remove oxide scale. Usually used in industrial applications, heat resistance, corrosion resistance, surface smoothness requirements are not high.

2D Surface

Type of processing: cold rolling, heat treatment, pickling or phosphorus removal

State characteristics: uniform surface and sub light

Main contents: heat treatment and pickling after cold rolling. The surface of the sub light is produced by pickling or dephosphorization. It can be leveled by the wool roller. The rough surface is easy to retain lubricant on the surface of round steel during deep drawing. This surface is suitable for deep drawing fasteners, but these parts need to be polished after forming.

2B Surface

Processing type: cold rolling, heat treatment, pickling or dephosphorization, bright processing

State characteristics: smooth and straight than 2D surface

Main content: on the basis of 2D surface, the steel after heat treatment and phosphorus removal is leveled with a throwing stick with small pressure. It is the most commonly used surface processing, and can be used for any purpose except for deep drawing of complex fasteners.

BA Surface

Processing type: cold rolling, bright annealing

State features: smooth, bright, reflective

Main content: after cold rolling, bright annealing is carried out in controlled atmosphere furnace. Hydrogen or nitrogen mixture atmosphere is usually used to prevent oxidation in annealing process, and it is also a common surface processing in subsequent reprocessing.

8K Surface

Machining type: Mirror machining

State characteristics: no directional texture, high anti photometry, clear image

Main content: the surface is polished with gradually refined abrasive and polished with very fine steel shot. No traces of friction are left on the surface. This product is used for mirror or template connection.

HL Surface

Processing type: cold rolling, pickling, leveling, grinding

State characteristics: continuous grinding pattern

Main content: polishing with appropriate abrasive material to make the surface appear continuous grinding pattern.